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Alder Vineyard

New branding, positioning Alder Vineyard as the go-to destination to share a love for wine, far beyond the bottle.

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The problem

Alder Vineyard has grown considerably in the last few years and their branding has fallen behind. Their brand needs to represent the families passion and personality more closely, to differentiate them from their competition. The brand also needs to communicate their vine first ethos, showing there is a lot more to wine than simply the bottle.

The solution

A shift of focus, still keeping the wine at the centre but surrounding this more closely with the experience and educational value of a visit to Alder Vineyard. Putting the focus on how a bottle of Alder wine is far more than just the wine, it is the year-long process of caring for the grapes by hand, the soil, the weather and the girt, sweat and tears of the families raw passion for vine care, Devon and growing a business together. You’re not just buying a bottle, you’re buying a part of this families slice of Devon.

Brand stratedy

To inspire and nurture a love of wine, far beyond the bottle.

To create the most personal, inspirational and educational vineyard experience in the South West.

Be brave and devoted
Keep it personal & casual
Share memorable experiences 
Learn together

The Logo

From spending time in the vineyard the perfect representation of the families love, resilience and role in protecting their vines quickly became clear. The tendril, these beautiful curling forms have a very important role in the vineyard. They protect the vines from the elements by gripping to the trellis system, acting as their year-round anchor and support. Just like the family team at Alder Vineyard.


To support the new ‘beyond the bottle’ branding it was important to create a strong brand message to reinforce this. So we penned ‘Grow your love of wine, far beyond the bottle’ encapsulating the eye-opening, educational experience on offer at Alder Vineyard, guaranteed to leave visitors seeing wine through a new light.

Brand examples

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