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Company values


Bringing Crowdcubes company values to life to increase their visibility and engagement from the team.

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The problem

Crowdcube has gone through an internal project to review its company values. The result was a new set of 4 values which are: focus on impact, innovate and improve, empower and succeed together. Crowdcube now needs to get the team behind these new values and encourage employees to use the values to drive their decision making.

The solution

To increase engagement we have created animal characters. making the values more fun and also to illustrate each of the values further. To increase visibility these characters will be used on walls around all the offices and as emojis on Crowdcubes slack channels, to get the values into everyday communication.

Office wall art

We used a detailed graphite-like style for the illustrations. This was developed through feedback from across the company, making the values represent the strong, disrupter origins of Crowdcube. The illustrations were created to use the office furniture, allowing the wall art to fit in throughout the office, acting as subtle daily reminders of the company values.

Slack emojis

To bring the new company values into everyday communication we also created a distilled version of each illustration to use as slack emojis. These allow employees to use and interact with the values in a variety of everyday team channels, further helping to aid visibility and engagement.

Values around the office

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