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Leaving our mark posters


An internal campaign to help encourage Crowdcubes team to be more mindful of their carbon emissions in the office.

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The problem

Crowdcube now operates across 4 offices with a large growing team. As a result of this their carbon footprint is constantly growing. As a forward-thinking brand, they want to start to take responsibility for their impact on the world, starting with their team and offices through the start of their corporate social responsibility plan. 

The solution

Working with the team set up in Crowdcube I created the ‘Leaving our mark’ campaign. This included the creation of a mark to be used across the corporate social responsibility teams work, as well as a poster wall for each office and ‘switch me off’ stickers to act as daily reminders of the small changes the team can make to reduce their emissions.

The mark

‘Leaving our mark’ stands for the impact every member of the Crowdcube team leaves on the world. This enables the mark to represent the two sides of the corporate social responsibility plan, the environment and charity work.

'Switch me off' stickers

To act as little reminders in-situ around the office we created these ‘switch me off’ stickers. They are used on light switches, monitors and other tech around the office.

Poster wall

This is the final poster wall which now hangs in all the Crowdcube offices, helping to encourage small changes every day to reduce Crowdcubes carbon footprint. 

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