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A rebrand celebrating the mark entrepreneurs leave on the world. #FundingtheWonderful

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The problem

Crowdcube, the UK’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, has grown exponentially over the last decade. It was time to reflect on the companies mission and values, to ensure the now much larger brand still has firm roots and truly celebrates the passion of their team, raising companies and investors. 

The solution

I worked on this project as a member of the Crowdcube design team, and alongside branding agency Rooster Punk. They were integral to the direction, nailing the story, values and purpose. ‘Funding the wonderful’ is the core message, this is about fuelling the next generation of businesses who want to leave their mark on the world. It’s Crowdcubes origin, motivation and future. 

The logo

Born from the simple idea of ‘the source of wonder’ the logo encapsulates the new brand strategy, visualising how Crowdcube helps to launch and grow the dreams of entrepreneurs. In the end, a wordmark was the best fit as no single icon could encompass the full spectrum of Crowdcube’s vision. 

Mobile logo

The next challenge of the rebrand was ensuring the logo had a strong impact even in a small format. This was important as Crowdcube has a strong mobile app userbase and is very active across social media. From multiple variations, we settled on using a teaser of the main logo, keeping the focus on the ‘C’ and the core brand colours. This kept a strong impact on mobile screens to draw attention when placed in a sea of app icons.

The wonder effect

It was really important to us as a team at Crowdcube for our brand imagery to be unique and have a fun personality. Enter ‘The wonder effect’, our brand technique to add simple sketchy illustrations to both imagery and text. Inspired by the quick throwaway doodles that are always at the core of any wonderful idea, they add a flourish and context while keeping things fun and tangible.

Rebrand examples

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