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Shareholder update


Applying Crowdcube's new brand image and positioning to their quarterly shareholder update.

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The problem

Crowdcube’s current shareholder update document layout was created for their old brand. To keep their messaging consistent the document needs a brand refresh using their new identity and positioning.

The solution

A new document using key brand devices from Crowdcube’s rebrand. Including the source of wonder shape and pastel colour pallet. These devices have been used to maximise the breaking up of the copy to make the text-heavy document approachable and accessible to their diverse crowd of investors.

Inside pages

The inside layout uses Crowdcube’s pastel colour pallet to give each section its own colour. This helps investors quickly skim through and identify which areas interest them most in the shareholder update. The sections are also split up with full-colour section breaks, using quotes from successful raises. This further helps to split up the text-heavy document as well as showcase the key success stories from the quarter. 


To help communicate the key numbers in the shareholder update I used Crowdcube’s wonder icon style to pull out stats. This varies the content style helping to bring attention to the stats as well as making the text more engaging by switching up the format. A similar style was also used for graphs and other data throughout the update. 

Social media content

To complement the launch of the shareholder update I also worked with the marketing team to create a social campaign highlighting the key stats. This included carousel and story posts that take the user on a journey through the key messages from the update. 

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