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Wine labels

Alder Vineyard

Bringing the rebrand to life on their 2018 wine labels. Keeping it simple and elegant, to make a statement on shelves around Devon.

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The problem

Alder Vineyards current labels have a lot going on, featuring a tendril, logo, brand name, location and grape variety. This complexity reduces the impact of the label and reduces its dominance on store shelves. 

The solution

Keep it super simple by only displaying the information as and where customers need it. The new wrap-around wine labels take customers on a journey, first grabbing their attention with the strikingly simple front panel. Then it leads them into the specific details for the vintage, followed by an insight into Alder Vineyard. This was all based on customer research that showed the core reasons that initially attract customers to a bottle of Alder wine is their location or branding.


The front panel is all about impact, with the tendril mark taking centre stage. The colour changes for each variety to give them a distinct but consistent image. The colours are inspired by the flavours in each bottle, the Madeleine Angevine pictured was inspired by crisp green apple and melon.  The wine labels also features a handwritten line ‘Grown in Devon’ to keep the personal touch and keep Devon in the spotlight.


A slight turn of the wine label reveals all the nitty-gritty details, including the variety, vintage year, ABV and a more precise location. This section continues the focus on ‘keeping it personal’ acting as a tag that’s filled in with handwritten answers about the wines key details. 


The back of the wine label is focused on making the characteristics of the wine shine. This allows people to quickly identify what makes the variety so special, while the main description gives a taster of the story beyond the bottle. 

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